About Us

CLOUD 9 PET HOTEL is first luxury Pet Hotel & Care in the Middle East. Unparalleled in the UAE industry, our distinctive Hotel, purely for pets is dedicated exclusively to the care of your dogs and cats, providing that 'At Home Feel' when you are away. The unique concept of providing fantastic services and amenities, including hotel-style boarding, with V.I.P areas, all day play doggie day care, kitty play room, grooming and dog training services all under one roof.


Who we are

Cloud9 Pet Hotel and Care, Abu Dhabi's first Hotel for Pets, is an all-inclusive pet boarding hotel. That means we provide all the essentials we believe a pet needs for a healthy balanced life. Exercise time, either in playgroup or with a staff member, their own personal suite for relaxation, individually prepared meals – just like at home, and lots of interaction throughout the day. We have designed Stay around the schedule of a pet's day at home, so there are potty times, hoping to have a wonderful Stay.


Luxury Accomodation

Cloud 9 Pet Hotel offers modern designed boarding; from its Standard Suites which include doggie beds, all the way up to its VIP suite which is 22ft x 17ft ; including more space and large size beds.


Cloud 9 Pet Hotel offers the very best in doggie daycare consisting of 1 indoor and 2 separate outdoor dog parks spanning 6,000 sq. ft. of the hotel's grounds. The outdoor parks are designed for your dogs to play and exercise throughout the day, these individualized parks accommodate large dogs, medium sized dogs and the Pint-sized Cliq for the little pooches.


Cloud 9 Pet Hotel offers luxury-grooming services in its own in-house grooming and spa center, providing the premium in style and pampering for your distinguished pet. The in-house Grooming Spa carries specialty products and accessories from organic food and treats, and varieties of grooming products.


Cloud 9 Pet Shop offers the ultimate pet shop experience. It really is a paradise for pets and pet owners. We have all the pet supplies, pet food, toys and accessories you and your pet need at great value prices. We understand the important bond that exists between people and their pets. We are passionate about providing the best pet supplies, pet products, pet care, advice and services for pets.